Art Applewhite Rockets
24mm/18mm Super Stealth
29mm Priority Stealth
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24mm/18mm Super Stealth $10.00
Build for either 24mm(C & D) or 18mm (A,B & C) motors
This rocket fly low and slow and use reliable aerobrake recovery
13mm Stealth Rocket
Free Download
These rockets ascend rapidly, spinning as they leap skyward. They are very stable in flight, even in high winds. At apogee they flip over and descend slowly using a combination of aerobrake and helicopter recovery.  Preparation is quick and easy.  Recovery is foolproof.  These kits are intended for the rocketeer looking for a new challenge and something out of the ordinary. With their high visibility and dramatic ascent and recovery, they are real crowd pleasers. NO long walks to recover your rocket even on a windy day.

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