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  Qubit Kits
  29mm Qubit
29mm Qubit (White only) $25 each
Quantum Qubit 18mm or 24mm $6 each
You decide what size motor to fly when you build it

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29mm Qubit
7 inches (18 cm) High, 10 inch (25cm) span, weight 2.3 oz (63gm) - Recommended motors: Ellis Mountain G35 , any 29mm single use motor or Aerotech RMS 29/40-120 reload with the ejection charge removed.

Quantum Qubit
3.75 inches high, 5 inches wide, weight 0.5 oz  - Recommended motors:18mm Version: A8-3, B4-2,B6-0,B6-2, C6-0,C6-3,  24mm version: C11-0, C11-3, D11-P, D12-0, D12-3, E9-4, E9-P and any Aerotech 24mm single use or RMS 24/40 reload.  You decide at build time which size to make.

13mm Qubit
3.0 inches (7.6cm) high, 4 inch (10 cm) span, Weight 0.2 oz (5 gm) - Recommended motor: A10-PT

All these rockets ascend rapidly. They are very stable in flight, even with high winds. At apogee they flip over and descend slowly using aerobrake recovery.  Preparation is quick and recovery is foolproof.  These kits are intended for the rocketeer looking for a new challenge and something out of the ordinary. With their high visibility and dramatic ascent and recovery, they are real crowd pleasers. No long walks to recover your rocket even on a windy day.
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