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   The Forte' Launch Controller
Simple, Safe, Reliable and Compact
This is not a kit, it comes completely assembled
User's Manual in PDF format - Replacement parts sold below
Forte' Launch Controller $150.00
Includes Pad Cables for 4 pads and 8 stainless steel alligator clips but no extension cables or battery.
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The Controls
Top row - Pads 1 to 4 select switches
Left - Continuity and Launch button connector
 Right - Pad cable connections

The controller with launch button and pad extention cables attached

A 220 Amp hour riding lawn mower battery will fit inside with room to spare

Internal/External Battery cable with
50 Ampere clamps
Note: Due to shipping restrictions the battery can not included but is readily available from any Wal-mart or auto supply store.
The Forte' - Simple, Safe, Reliable and Compact. A self-contained, four-pad launch controller in a rugged, water-resistant, polypropylene case.  These launch controllers are ideal for rocket clubs, TARC teams, Junior ROTC, Civil Air Patrol and Scout.

The control panel has a water resistant snap down cover to protect all switched and connectors.  The generous 12" x 6" x 8" internal space allows room to store cords, accessories and a 12 volt lead acid, riding lawn mower battery (not included).  All electrical components, including switches, connectors and wiring, are rated at 15 amps or higher.  All 4 pad positions are individually select-able.  The controller is capable of 4 simultaneous launches (drag race) or cluster motor ignitions.  The built-in continuity tester draws a maximum of 10 milliamps and is safe for all igniters including ematches.  The continuity tester operates whenever a pad is selected and continuity exists.  Its 2700 Hertz, 75 decibel tone provides an unambiguous indication that can be heard over a wide area to indicate that a pad is armed. The heavy-duty launch button is removable and serves as the safety interlock to prevent accidental launches. 

Included with the Forte' launch controller are:
1. A 3 foot power 12 volt supply cord with 50 amp alligator clips for connection to either an internal or external 12 volt power supply (battery). 
2. A hand-held, push-button launch switch rated at 20 amps with a 3 foot connecting cord.  The launch switch is housed in a water resistant casing. 
3. Two pairs of pad cables with commercial-grade, solder-less banana plugs
4. 8 stainless alligator clips
5. Velcro cord organizers.

The only thing you need to add is a 12 volt power supply (battery) and common 3-wire extension cords.  Both of these items are available at Walmart and elsewhere at a cost of less than I can get them and ship them.   Parts which may require replacement such as launch buttonpad cables and alligator clips are also available (See below).

Note: This controller is designed for safe, reliable model rocket (G motors or less) launches but can be used for high power rockets (>G) provided care is taken to ensure enough current reaches the pad to ignite the motor.  Extension cables should be high quality, 3-conductor, 12 or 14 gauge wires. 16 gauge extension cables should only be used for distances of 50 feet or less to ensure reliable motor ignition.

Replacement Parts
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                      ButtonLaunch Button $25 each
Pad Cables - $20 per pair
for 2 individual launch pads
2 pair are required for 4 pads
Stainless Steel Aligator ClipsStainless Steel
Alligator Clips $3 per pair
One pair of clips is required for each launch pad
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