E-match based cable cutter
Second test of this technique
E-match with slit cut into it protective cover and wrapped in masking tape to seal the end.
Rubber band
Loop of red monofilament line
Section of 3" body tube used as a shield for the parachute
60 inch parachute

60 inch parachute bound with a rubberband and a loop of monofilament line.

60 inch parachute with E-match in place and taped to a cardboard shield made from a section of 3 inch body tube.

The E-match cable cutter set up for a test

Close up view of E-match cable cutter ready for a test

Video of test firing

E-match and protective cardboard shield after the test with slight singe mark.  A little dog barf at the end of the E-match might help reduce this scourching.