Alamo Rocketeers 
The Alamo Rocketeers welcomes anyone interested in model rocketry. 

Founding members (left ot right) November 6, 2003
Jose G Narvaez, Ray Kinsel, Art Applewhite, Bill Wagner

Andrew Cooper, Launch Director, NAR 95983

John Lee, Club Chaplin & Launch Director, NAR 87285 L1

Art Applewhite, NAR 80632 L2
Senior Advisor, Contest Director & Launch Director
(Art is preparing to launch his 36 inch Delta Flying Saucer on a Loki Research M1200SF motor)

Stu Young, Launch Director, NAR 92265 L1

Todd Scroeder, Launch Director, NAR 89723 L1

Jeff Vegh NAR 92403

Dale Marshall, Launch Director, NAR 90990

K.D. White

Ken Kryszak, Club Guru, TRA 00264 L2, RIP

Hal Huber, NAR 92830

Danielle Huber, NAR 92670

C.T. Huber, NAR 93517

Keith Little, Launch Director

Mikayla Means, NAR 92732, NARTREK Mercury Cadet

Denis Means, NAR  92531 L1
(Trivia: The picture on Denis' shirt is Adam Baldwin as "Jayne" from the SciFi series "Firefly".
Jayne Cobb was the "heavy" or "Public Relations" of the Firefly crew.)

Bill Wagner, NAR 71287 L3

Harold Sanders, NAR 92568

Joshua Wilson

Mike Wilson

Allan Howard, TRA 13029

Diana Howard

Bert McClure, L2 - in 1969 and 2013

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